The hair is one of the most delicate parts of our body, meaning we have to be careful on what to apply on it. As a hair stylist, it is important for you to take professional hair coloring courses. This can help you with a whole lot of ideas and facts about hair coloring.

For one, black color is usually too harsh for older women and a very blonde color is always too harsh looking for older women. This is almost always the case. Selecting the best shade depends on various factors such as haircut, hair length, eye color, facial expression, facial shape, and personal preference.

Colors can also be of various shades and intensity. Depending on tone or intensity colors can be cool or warm. Cool tones include shades of green, blue, and violet while warm tones are shades of red, yellow, and orange.

A professional course will teach you some basic things to remember such as:

Opposite colors on the color wheel will only neutralize the opposite color. For instance, a red-colored hair can be canceled your with an ash color with green undertones. They will also tell you never to perm after a color. The chemicals in the perming solution will end up lighten your hair color.

Choosing a hair color that is natural looking will not look harsh on you. For example, when a young client who wants to enhance his/her hair color comes to you, you have to choose a color very similar to what you already have. This is because younger people have vibrant skin tones which makes them get away with more drastic changes in their hair color.

However, if the young client chooses a black color, and their hair color is not naturally black, it may be very harsh looking on them. Likewise, a blonde color is ideal for young people with very dark hair, even if it can be too harsh for the same reasons.

As a stylist, a professional course will teach you why a color will never lift a color. Let’s say, for example, you have a dark-colored hair and you decide to go lighter, you can’t achieve this unless you use bleach. The same can be said for those with naturally dark hair who wants to go blonde. Typically, a color will normally only lift four levels. A professional course will tell you more about the bleaching aspect.

Different skin color demands different colors to give a perfect look. Here are some hair coloring tips for different types of skins:

  • Black color is most preferred for dark skin types
  • Virgin dark brown color is ideal for a blonde skin
  • Brick red or brunette looks great on fair skin individuals
  • Dark blonde or chocolate brown shades look good on naturally toned complexions

Lastly, you will learn how to take precautions before going to the pool or beach with colored hair. The saltwater in the ocean and the chlorine in a pool can turn your hair green. Remember, no matter how good you are with a professional course, you can get better.


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