There are several ways to promote your salon but investing in customer loyalty is a unique way. Marketing your salon doesn’t necessarily have to involve running ads worth thousands of dollars, it can be as easy as providing a welcoming environment for your clients. All you have to do is make it real and authentic.

How Then Can You Earn Your Customer’s Loyalty?

  1. Provide a Welcoming Environment

Every client wants to be treated in a peaceful and calm environment. Train your staff to adopt a low-noise working environment by speaking quietly to clients and turning their phone’s ringtone down. This will maintain a decent and peaceful salon that will command the loyalty of your clients.

  1. Hire Welcoming Staff

Hiring someone with a good smile and a compassionate heart is very important. How you welcome a client will determine their reappearance. Customer loyalty depends majorly on your employees. They may be the best at their field but providing good customer service is not only about how skilled and hardworking you are. Train them accordingly and always monitor their progress to ensure they are treating your clients correctly.

  1. Coupons and Discounts

Offering a coupon to a new client and discounts to existing clients are a great way to make them happy. Be innovative! During every notable events, offer coupons and discounts to your customers. Display your offers in your storefront window for your clients and visitors to have knowledge of what’s happening. Remember, a happy client is a returning client.

  1. Make Your Clients Feel Like Kings and Queens

There’s no better feeling that for a client to feel like royalty from the minute he/she walk into your salon. From the neat and calm environment to the smile and warm greeting your staff present while mentioning their names, there is no better way to feel like excited. If your staff doesn’t recognize a new client, you can simply introduce him/her to them. You need to show them that you value their patronage. This makes them feel honored and wanting to get more!

Other ways include:

  • providing comfortable seating in each treatment room
  • gratitude – always say thank you
  • use clean towels and sterilized equipment
  • learn new things and constantly improve your salon
  • regular contact via telephone, email, newsletter, birthday and Christmas texts
  • if you don’t invest in your customer’s loyalty, someone else will

By so doing, you can make your client feel special.

Above all, as a business owner, it is best for you to keep an eye on your business. You want to leave your clients happy and coming back. So, it is not advisable to leave these duties for your employees alone. Before setting a salon, you should already know how to make a client happy. You have regular clients and occasional clients; it is your responsibility to give your regular clients the best treatment possible. With this, you have invested in your customer’s loyalty without spending a dime.


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