For clients, choosing the right stylist is the most important step in getting the hairstyle they desire. As stylists, it takes a great deal of skill and confidence to suggest new hairstyles for your customers. At the same time, a strong connection between you and clients is fundamental. Your clients come to make new hairstyles because they want a drastic change, something entirely different. Yet, some hairstyles don’t suit some people, so it is your duty to suggest what will actually work for them.

Before suggesting a new hairstyle to your customers, there are a few things you have to do.

Be Honest

Tell your clients whether you have done a particular style in the past. You don’t want to use your client’s hair for practical purpose. If they trust you and value honesty, they may give you the chance to suggest a new hairstyle. Observe their hair shape, color, texture, and whatever the situation may be before you make any suggestion at all. Sometimes, magazines can help you with suggestions on different hairstyles too.

Hair for Different Occasion

As a hairdresser, you are expected to have an idea of the type of hair that suits different occasions. Knowing the next occasion of your client may help you select their next hairstyle.

ð  Romantic hair – usually short and gives a very attractive look

ð  Classic hair – timeless, classic, and sophisticated

ð  Casual hair – practical, simple, and fresh

ð  Innovative hair – wild, short and spiky or asymmetrical

ð  Dramatic hair – simple and eye-catching

ð  Alluring hair – big, full, and fun

Explaining these hairstyles to your client will give her confidence that you are fit for the job.

Understanding Chemicals in Hair Products

There are chemicals in shampoos or other hair products that may aggravate some hair problems. Understanding the hair texture of your clients will help you to know people who are prone to hair loss. Also, you can recommend natural hair products to stop allergic reactions and prevent hair loss.

Consistency is Key

Mind you, your client will expect more from you today than yesterday. If they get wary of your skills or discover that you are not consistent with your dealing, they will move on to a better salon. Your clients expect you to continuously educate yourself on the latest industry products and techniques.


Learn New Skills

The world is constantly changing and the same can be said for the beauty and fashion industry. No one wants to go to an event with an untrendy hairstyle or color. To be ahead of your competitors, you need to learn new skills. Fortunately, in Granahan Hair Academy, you can enroll for hairdressing courses and learn new skills, and understand different hair textures.  


For record’s sake, you may often document your regular client’s desired styles to offer better service as they return. Easy-to-use software such as Microsoft Excel can accomplish this task. You can even use the software to remind your clients when to return for their next appointment through calls or emails.


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