Hair colors come in three different categories namely; temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. Each color line has recommendations on the categories and uses of each particular type of hair colors. Thus, it is recommended that you have your stylist or colorist educated on your type hair.

The most challenging situation is when a client tells a stylist or colorist to apply this hair color to look this way (showing her a picture of what they really want). Have you experienced cases like this? If yes, it is time to expand your knowledge in the area of hair coloring.

As a professional hair stylist, you ought to know that there are precautions to be taken before you apply hair color to your clients. As a result of the hair’s ability to store information, it is found to be ideal for allergy or intolerance, metal toxicity, nutritional deficiencies test. Today, hair sampling is now used in many professions for drug and alcohol testing. These bring us to what is referred to as Lock of hair.

Lock of hair -This is simply a piece or pieces of hair that have been cut from, or remains singly on, a human head, most commonly bunched or tied together in some way.

But that doesn’t give you the permission to go ahead and test that lock of hair because your hair creates some problems. But you can give it a shot after taking a professional course in Granahan Hair Academy. This is just a highlight of the vast knowledge one can attain in this great academy. A detailed report can be produced from just a lock of hair and comprehensive reports detailing all the items your hair could react to. Common allergy symptoms can include physical and hair discomfort, as well as fatigue, and headaches. Therefore, Hair testing can store information for longer period of time, thus the information obtained from testing are able to give you a broad picture of your intolerance or allergy. Hair is an admirable method of testing for allergy for several reasons, some include:

  • You end up testing for more items – with just a few strand of hair; you can test against numerous different items
  • You only require a small sample of hair
  • Hair testing is completed quickly and proficiently

Meanwhile, it is necessary as a hair stylist or colorist that you test the lock of hair your client is wearing and as well the allergy/intolerance test of the hair. This is the very first precaution a professional colorist should know before applying hair color to his/her clients.


I would recommend that you never allow your hair re-growth to grow longer than one inch before you receive your color touch up. There are colors enhancing services offered for in between your color touch-ups. These color enhancing products do not work well for every hair type due to texture. Coarse hair types will not always accept color. Nonetheless, shampoo and proper hair conditioning can be used. Improve your skill and enhance your knowledge on how to apply hair color by taking a professional course in Granahan Hair Academy.






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